Welcome to International Coaching & Mentoring Foundation (ICMF)

Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to Introduce the International Coaching and Mentoring Foundation (ICMF).

We are an international coaching and mentoring institution that specializes in Coach Certification, Accreditation, Recognising,, and Mentorship Development.
We are so elated to have you on our site. This site tells you more about what ICMF has to offer you or your organization as we partner with you in your life purpose or career path. Our aim is to prepare future leaders by guiding and supporting you or your organization. As ICMF, we are committed to promoting transformation and to
guaranteeing the sustainability of our institution by striving for excellence in all we do.

With a proud tradition of professional excellence, ICMF envisions to be the global thought leader in coaching and mentoring development. We are on a mission of certifying, developing and recognising of coaching and mentoring development with a record of outstanding interventions.

As such, we look forward to welcoming talented, motivated coachees
and mentees to ICMF – particularly those who have an insatiable
interest in engaging, transforming, and empowering humanity. This will enable individuals and organizations to be ready to deal with the
problems of our society and finding ways to live sustainably within our environments.

While coaching and mentoring are indeed global skills transfer modalities (STM), ICMF is committed to developing African-based
interventions to global challenges, including issues relating to developing contemporary leadership competencies, healthy marital
relationships, developing transformational organizational teams, just
to name a few.

At ICMF we pride ourselves in having world-renowned
experts in their fields who incorporate the latest scholarly work, teaching methods, and practical experience into their coaching sessions.
We offer a full buffet of coaching and mentoring certification and non-certification programs.

We commit to the development of futuristic and entrepreneurial paradigms. Many ICMF alumni are making outstanding contributions to society through the skills they learned here. They demonstrate that coaching not only opens the door to transforming others, it can also enrich the Coaches themselves as coaching is a lifestyle. We, therefore, cordially invite you to become part of this coaching revolution ……


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